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“And all that I created for you I created, choose not to spoil or destroy it…. because if you spoil it there will be no one to correct it after you”

(Midrash, on Ecclesiates)

Model Farm for Sustainable Agriculture

The Model Farm is currently being set up at the Newe Ya’ar Research Center, in order to examine, demonstrate and disseminate among farmers the principles of Sustainable Agriculture.

Model Farm for Sustainable Agriculture Newe Ya'ar Research center

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Subject areas being focused upon:

What's new at the Model Farm?

Soil Food Web Engineering

We are looking for talented students for a multidisciplinary research entitled ‘Harnessing the soil food web, microbiota and mesofauna, for the biological control of below

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John Deere Tractor 6-145R

Manufacturer: John Deere, USA Year Model: 2018 Designation: Performing precision farming activities such as marking beds, hoeing rows, land tilling, breaking up soil, fertilization, spraying,

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