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The vision of the Model Farm for Sustainable Agriculture at Newe Ya’ar is the implementation of intensive agriculture that will be both economically viable today and sustainable for generations to come. The Model Farm is an active partner in the process of changing the face of local and national agriculture, as part of international efforts devoted to the implementation of economically viable sustainable agriculture.

The uniqueness of the Model Farm is its becoming a center for examining, learning, and demonstrating practices for the promotion of sustainable agriculture on a large, economically viable and long-term basis, holistically addressing a wide range of subject areas within agriculture and beyond, both as the influencers and as the affected, with each subject area being accompanied by research experts. The aim of the project is to integrate and disseminate among farmers the knowledge and practices derived from this interdisciplinary approach.


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The knowledge dissemination (outreach) team will work to promote sustainability in agriculture, relying on the following insights:

There are interdependencies among social, economic and environmental issues, so it is essential to develop public consciousness and to harness society to favor changing behavioral patterns in order to improve the present and future.

Changes in public attitude will only occur as a result of the recognition, understanding and internalization that industrial agriculture as it is currently practiced causes rapid and irreversible depletion of perishable resources.

A change in behavior patterns of farmers will ony be possible by exposing them to alternatives that are not economically disadvantageous.

Finding applied alternatives requires bridging everyday needs in the field with theoretical knowledge and advanced technology.

We will disseminate the acquired knowledge via the website, on the Facebook pages of the Model Farm and of the Volcani Center, at conferences and seminars to be held at Newe Ya’ar, and as lectures and tutorials to be given in the countryside. We will promote collaborations with public bodies that can help disseminate  this knowledge and integrate it among farmers, share it with the community in the local area, and favor zoning projects to encourage sustainable agriculture.