Microbial Genomics Team

ד"ר שירי פרייליך

Position: Researcher.
Departmental affiliation: Natural Resources, Institute of Plant Sciences, Newe-Ya’ar,
Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center.

Phone numbers: 972-4-9539533  |  972-50-6220047

Email address: shiri@agri.gov.il

A personal note:
My research concerns the integration and application of genomics together with agro-ecology.
To date, technological advancements allows characterization of the soil microbiomes, with increasingly growing coverage.
Such data provide a key for deciphering and designing processes in the soil.
My vision is the development of sustainable soil treatments that will support microbiome that is desired for agricultural platforms considering resistance to pathogen and soil diseases. Such treatments will allow to reduce the use in environmental pollutants. The Model Farm project provides a platform for the development of genomic-driven agricultural practices directly oriented to provide practical solutions to the farmer.

Lab website: www.freilich-lab.com

Member of the following teams:
Microbial Genomics

ד"ר אדי סיטרין

Position: Researcher.
Departmental affiliation: Institute of Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center.

Phone numbers: 972-3-9683767  |  972-50-6220087

Email address: eddie@volcani.agri.gov.il

A personal note:
Our lab is interested in understanding and mitigating antibiotic resistance dynamics in agroecosystems.

Member of the following teams:
Microbial Genomics

ד"ר אסף שדה

Position: Head of Agroecology Lab,
Agroecology research coordinator at the Model Farm.
Departmental affiliation: Department of Natural Resources, Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center.

Phone numbers: 972-3-9683925

Email address: asafsa@volcani.agri.gov.il 

A personal note:
The Model Farm is a unique platform for long-term aboveground and belowground ecological research in a whole farm setting.
The platform involves long-term experimental setups, through which we will develop and test sustainable agricultural approaches suitable to local Mediterranean conditions and in an economic context. These practices are aimed at enhancing ecosystem services such as agricultural pest and disease control, soil health, and habitat and biodiversity conservation.
The Model Farm welcomes collaborations with ecologists of all research fields and institutions, in Israel and abroad – all are invited to take advantage of the site’s experimental array to conduct ecological research in their respective fields, enjoy multi-disciplinary collaboration, and contribute to the long-term database that is being accumulated..

Member of the following teams:
Plant Protection | Microbial Genomics | Field Crops | Soil Conservation and Planning | Biological Diversity and Agroecology

Dr. Maya Lalzar

Position: Bioinformatics Services Unit.
Departmental affiliation: Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Haifa.

Phone numbers: 972-54-5469488

Email address: maya.lalzar@gmail.com

A personal note:
Our service unit is highly motivated to assist in all aspects of the model farm studies that involve ‘Big data’, beginning with project and experimental design, through data analysis to modeling. My particular interest extends microbiome studies, in particular plant-microbe and insect-microbe interactiosn..

Member of the following teams:
Microbial Genomics