Machinery and Equipment

During the operation of the Model Farm in the agricultural areas of Newe Ya’ar, many purchases of machinery and agricultural tools were made, with the help of the Helmsley Foundation and the State Estate of Israel.
The objectives of the acquisitions are:
A. Closing the gap that existed in the agricultural tool stock between the agricultural unit in Newe Ya’ar and conventional commercial farms in our region. These purchases include:
1. John Deere Tractor Model 6-145-R – A tractor with 145 horsepower designed for line cultivation and for precise agricultural work such as: harvesting, fertilizing, spraying and bedding. The tractor has a GPS system with automatic driving of 3 cm precision level, which contributes greatly to the accuracy and reduction of agricultural inputs.
2. Tramble 210 tractor-powered automatic traction kit from Trimble Company, which includes: antenna, electric steering wheel and 10-inch touch screen. This kit was installed on the processing tractor and now allows it to work with automatic driving at a precision of 10 cm.
3. Cultivator מקלטרת שטח) ) of 6-meter-wide working area and a 6-meter-wide row, which significantly reduce the use of herbicides.
B. Further to the acquisitions to close gaps, some of the acquisitions were made to pave the way in examining and implementing new agricultural tools that may lend to Israeli farmers, such as:
4. Adjustable hydraulic beam that harnesses the peeler in row crops and allows the paddles to move as close as possible to the plant strip, thus saving the use of herbicides.
5. Shredder trimmings for plantations with a 4-cubic-inch trunk collection tank, which allows the trunk to be collected and used for compost production, and promoted the principle of zero waste in the Model Farm.
6. Experiment cultivator 3-meter-wide – harvesters for picking weeds in wheat fields and rotary harvesters for picking weeds in row crops.
The purpose of the new agricultural tools is to provide the test areas with state-of-the-art tools that will support the use of test areas in the Model Farm This will result in a precise operation that will save on agricultural inputs such as: pesticides, chemical fertilizers and tractor working hours and the application of the principle of zero-waste farming, waste recycling and soil improvement in organic materials.

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תת קטגוריה​

Activity in the field

John Deere Tractor 6-145R

Manufacturer: John Deere, USA Year Model: 2018 Designation: Performing precision farming activities such as marking beds, hoeing rows, land tilling, breaking up soil, fertilization, spraying,

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