John Deere Tractor 6-145R


John Deere, USA Year Model: 2018


Performing precision farming activities such as marking beds, hoeing rows, land tilling, breaking up soil, fertilization, spraying, sowing, and slash and burn (fire-fallow cultivation).

Technical Specifications:

Six-cylinder diesel engine 145 HP (engine size 8.8 liter) + IPM FT4 engine
40 KPH transmission, AutoPowr IVT (allows controlling speed within 0.5 KPH accuracy)
4 wheel drive, front suspension + front tire TLS
Premium cab with A/C + cab suspension + ARM command
Hydraulic steering
Air suspension driver seat + additional passenger seat
Central hydraulic pump 114 LPM
3-speed-option PTO (1000 rpm, 540 rpm, 540E- economy mode)
3 control valves with hydraulic fluid plugs + PB (selectors)
240 amp. alternator
Full lighting system- Ultimate

Full auto-drive system:

Autotrac-ready with 10″ screen and 4600 processor with activation for autonomous driver
SF6000 receiver enables precision work at 1-3 cm accuracy
Isobus-ready + preparation for Power Beyond and Section Control

Specific Applications for the Model Farm for Sustainable Agriculture:

1. GPS-based auto-drive ensures full precision coverage of the entire plot with 1-3 cm accuracy.
2. LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) standard. This allows an economic and environmental analysis of every action performed with the tractor, enabling choice of the most sustainable options.

Text by Ronen Kfir and Dr. Zohar Ben Simhon
Photograph by Ronen Kfir


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