Assessing the weed infestation potential of dredged streambed sediments targeted for reuse in agricultural fields

A new research paper led by Dr. Smadar Tanner has been published recently in the journal “Science of the Total Environment“.

One of the problematic outcomes of soil erosion is sedimentation in stream channels adjacent to agricultural areas. Reusing dredged sediments as an amendment for adjacent agricultural fields may serve as an alternative solution. However, farmers are hesitant to use this material in their fields due to the potential for weed infestation, with the associated costs incurred by crop losses. The research findings validate farmers’ concerns regarding the undesirable proliferation of weeds following soil amelioration with dredged sediments. The paper presents a comprehensive protocol for assessing the necessity for weed management intervention, based on infestation potential of weeds, while specifically targeting the reduction of adverse effects caused by agricultural weeds.

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