Soil Food Web Engineering

We are looking for talented students for a multidisciplinary research entitled

‘Harnessing the soil food web, microbiota and mesofauna, for the biological control of below and above ground pests’

The research will take place at the Newe Yaar Research Center (the northern campus of ARO – Volcani Center). In long-term organic plots molecular and morphological tools will be used to identify the soil microbiome and beneficial mesofauna (nematodes and mites). Potted plant and field studies will be conducted with organic soil amendments to determine the trophic links in the soil food web and associated ecosystem services, particularly in relation to biocontrol. Finally, computational models will be developed for predicting and understanding the networks of interactions between these trophic levels.

Shiri Freilich:

Eric Palevsky:

Asaf Sadeh:



Agricultural Research Organization,
Newe Ya‘ar Research Center, P. O. Box 1021, Ramat Yishay, Israel

Phone numbers: 972-4-9539595

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