Spring 2022 -Sowing Corn in the Service Crop Plot

In the service crop plot at the model farm, corn was successfully sown this week.
The agro-technical challenge we faced was to place the seeds in the ground, passing through a biomass layer of service crops on the way.
That was done by adapting the sowing machine with evacuation wheels for moving the biomass before sowing and cover wheels, which close the soil that has penetrated the sowing strip.
This practice was done in other places in the world with different types of soil, but in Israel it is an innovative application that poses challenges, since the soil is clayey (heavy) and makes the process difficult.
After intensive work that included directions of the components of the sowing system and the discs, about 20 hectars were sown.
Thanks to our partners in this effort: the staff of the Institute of Agricultural Engineering (ARO), Soil Conservation Division-Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Agriculture and Newe Ya’ar Farm Management stuff.


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