The Wild Almond

We are happy to share a link to the first published article based on experiments from the almond orchard in the Model Farm. The article led by Dr. Doron Holland and Dr. Tamar Azulay-Shemer.

Doron: “This article describes the ability of the wild almond Prunus arabica (Olivier) Meikle to preform photosynthesis from the stem throughout the year even when the tree is dormant. In the article we have shown that the main trait responsible for this is mapped to the chromosome 7 of the almond and is controlled by a small number of genes. We think that the photosynthesis feature of the stem may contribute to increased yield of the almond to cope with a changing climate. Accordingly, we continued with cross-breeding aimed at producing improved strains of almonds with this trait.”

Link to the article here 


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