World Wetlands Day 2024 – Wetlands and Human Wellbeing

The model farm for sustainable agriculture marks today – 2.2.2024, the World Wetlands Day, to raise the global awareness about the importance of wetlands for human prosperity and a healthy planet.  Wetlands provide essential ecosystem services for our existence, and the quality of our lives. However, unfortunately they are among the most damaged and degraded habitats, mostly due to agricultural activity. We chose to shine a light on our efforts in promoting research to reduce the pollution from leaching of nutrients from agricultural activity into humid habitats. As part of the PRIMA EU program, an international research project is being carried out in a collaboration between Dr. Roy Posmanik from the waste recycling platform and Dr. Roey Egozi from the Nahalal stream platform.

The research has been started with the installation of a bioreactor in the buffer-zone of the Nahalel stream and collects surface runoff (including dairy wastewater) and underground drainage water from fertilized fields fertilized. The water passing through the bioreactor is expected to be drained back to the stream after undergoing biological treatment. The facility demonstrates the technology on the scale of an agricultural farm and is expected to operate all year round depending on the water sources available in relation to agricultural activity. As part of the research, the water quality is monitored at the inlet, inside and outlet of the bioreactor. Collaboration between the platforms in the model farm is a key principle in the success of the project and the promotion of sustainable agriculture.

In the picture above – the bioreactor after its installation.

In the video below – the treated water draining into the stream at the outlet of the bioreactor after the rain event of the past week.


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